Zurich Insurance Mass Recruitment Campaign

In its drive to tap the underserved B40 segment, Zurich launched this campaign that targets the recruitment of agents from the B40 segment itself. This target segment has many doubts, mostly about themselves due to their socio-economic status. They doubt their own ability to succeed because of ‘perceived’ and real handicaps and they are intimidated by the insurance industry’s system of ‘pursuing of money’ beyond anything else.

The communications starts by debunking these doubts of theirs, encouraging them and making them feel we ‘see’ them and we understand their lives and their immediate, short to mid-term goals. It takes a different slant from the ’typical’ insurance agent communications that talks big ambitions, big targets, far-reaching goals, full of super-successful agent-speak. The masthead features the campaign line of “Besar maknanya” (it means a lot), which when paired with the various USPs, makes our message more heartwarming and personal.